My name is Dominik “Dom” Habersack. I love sharing what I know in any way possible. This is me with my dog Cooper:

Cooper and I
Cooper is an Elo-pup, a not-yet-officially-recognized breed.

(You can follow Cooper on Instagram at @coopertheelo.)

I do my best work on the web, where I have been working with businesses on improving their products for over a decade. With a focus on UI and UX, I work hard to make it easier for your customers to interact with you.

People come first in everything I do. I want to identify and solve problems people have in their daily work to make their lives a little better. When writing code, readability always beats shortness for me. The most performant and optimized code is useless if other developers cannot understand what it does.

I have now turned my passion of helping others into online courses. Oh, and I occasionally jump out of planes, despite being crazy scared of heights.

I would be happy to speak at your event about how to communicate better, focus on the right tasks, and turn ideas into code. Contact me if that fits your agenda!