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Getting the array item with the largest given property


We can get the largest number from an array of numbers with Math.max(), but that does not work with objects. If we have an array of objects, we can get the element with the largest value of a given property like this:

// takes an array and the name of a property to compare by
const maxBy = (array, prop) => {
  return array.reduce((max, element) => element[prop] > max[prop] ? element : max)

// find the object with the largest `age`
  { name: 'Leela',  age: 31   },
  { name: 'Fry',    age: 1031 },
  { name: 'Hubert', age: 165  },
  { name: 'Bender', age: 10   }
], 'age')
// ⇒ { name: 'Fry', age: 1031 }

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