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Offsetting a low salary

Dom Habersack
Dom HabersackJune 10, 2020
A single dollar bill.
It’s not much, but it comes with other benefits.

A comfortable salary can give you peace of mind, but it is not the only quality that can make job a good fit for you. If a job offer pays below your expectation, other benefits can offset that difference. While salary is one aspect, other attributes go into making a position a great choice for you.

A good job provides you with opportunities for professional and personal growth. Ideally, this is already baked in to the company you are applying at. If not, there are a few things you can look for in a potential employment.

You might get to work with talented people you can learn a lot from. If they help you get better at what you do, you can take on more challenging tasks and responsibilities. Look for the chance to learn skills you’ll need later, like communication or negotiation.

The opportunity to explore many different roles is very valuable to have. If your tasks are not limited by your title, you can learn a lot about your personal interests and strengths. Doing design, development, AND project management teaches you what you enjoy doing most.

The company might work on a problem that excites you. Don’t underestimate the value of going to work full of energy because you get to focus on something you believe in.

If we optimize purely for salary, we can lose out on opportunities for growth. If that growth is not given, find something that really helps you improve instead. You do not have to sell yourself short and take the first sub-par offer someone makes you.

– Dom

PS: Don’t know how much to ask for in an interview? You can find reference salaries for your city and field on glassdoor.com.

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