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Dom Habersack
Dom HabersackDecember 18, 2019
A lightbulb.
Well this is awkwark. Those don’t really charge, do they?

2019 is almost over, and I am looking forward to a few weeks of vacation. Work has been busy lately, and a break will help me relax and get a new perspective. Christmas stopped being about presents once I could buy what I wanted when I wanted it. Recently, I value the immaterial much more than the material.

There are always more things to learn or to work on. The list of non-fiction books we “need” to read grows longer every week. There are many new technologies we “need” to figure out. That conference we missed just released hours of videos we “need” to watch.

All of that can wait. There is something much more valuable we can do.

The gift I am giving myself this year is time. I will allow myself to be lazy without feeling bad about it. Those few weeks do not need to be productive in any way. Issues at work and plans for the future can wait. There will be time for that in the new year, and it will be much easier if I am not running on empty.

This holiday period, I am taking an intentional break from trying to do too much. If that sounds like you, give yourself permission to recharge. Making plans is much easier with a clear head.

I’d usually recommend a book or podcast about this now. That, too, can wait until next year.

– Dom

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