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Creating utility classes with Sass

Sassutility-first CSS

Sass’ @each-loop can create many similar looking CSS-classes quickly. We can use that to create our own utility-first classes like they use in Tailwind CSS.

$font-sizes: (
  "xs": 1.2rem,
  "s":  1.6rem,
  "m":  2.0rem,
  "l":  3.2rem,
  "xl": 4.8rem

@each $size, $value in $font-sizes {
  .font-size-#{$size} {
    font-size: $value;

  .font-size-xs { font-size: 1.2rem; }
  .font-size-s  { font-size: 1.6rem; }
  .font-size-m  { font-size: 2.0rem; }
  .font-size-l  { font-size: 3.2rem; }
  .font-size-xl { font-size: 4.8rem; }

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