As a consultant, I have worked in many positions with a variety of responsibilities. My offering is based on my history of providing these services to over a dozen mid-sized to large companies.

Design & development

I have created new digital products from scratch and modified existing ones, both as part of my clients’ teams and on my own.

Web development

Do you want a blog, online shop, price calculator, or something much more complex? I have built web-based products like these using React, Next.js, WordPress, Shopify and more. After collecting your requirements, I will recommend and develop a technical solution that works well for your use case and budget.

All sites are fully responsive, meaning they adapt seamlessly to the devices they appear on. During and after the project, you’ll be able to maintain and extend the content yourself.

Clickable prototypes

You have an idea, but are not sure it solves the problem well? Jumping straight into writing code for an unproven idea is risky and expensive.

I’ll build a clickable prototype you can use to present and evaluate your idea sooner and cheaper. The “clickdummy” will look and feel like the finished result, but won’t be fully functional. If the prototype works well, I can take it further and build it out into a full-fledged product.

Custom icons

I sell my own icon set over on If those don’t fit the style you’re going for, I can create a custom icon set that matches your product’s vibe.

Training & workshops

I have run product discovery workshops, Design Sprints, sprint retrospectives, agile ceremonies, and more. If you’re looking for a facilitator, I’d be happy to do that for you and your team.

Design Sprints

Get your project off to the right start. In this 5 day workshop, we explore the problem you’re trying to solve, build a prototype based on our findings, and test it with real users.

Design Sprints work best with participants from all involved departments. You bring a product owner, developer, marketing representative, sales person, Head of Product, and more, I bring enough sticky notes and snacks to keep us going and productive.

Do any of these match what you’re looking for? Get in touch if you want to

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