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Introducing Lovelicons

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It feels like only 1 year and 4 months ago that I announced I was working on an icon set. “I’m releasing them soon” turned into “I’m about to forget about them for a while”. In early 2021, I’m finally getting around to it. After feedback on Twitter was positive, I am turning this icon set into my first product.

Lovelicons, the loveliest icon set for your next project.
These are only some of the icons that will be part of the set.

For the last few days, I have been working hard on setting up lovelicons.com. The landing page you can see there will eventually turn into a way to explore and download over 200 icons.

But wait, doesn’t “product” sound like I’m going to charge money for this? Yes and no. As I promised back in 2019, I am going to release a version of the set for free. There will also be a paid version, mainly because I want to see how monetization of digital assets works. I have never sold anything on the internet, and want to use this opportunity to try it out.

As of today, I don’t know exactly what is going to set the paid version apart. The most promising idea at the moment is “PNGs are free, SVGs cost money”. Many other icon sets are free for personal use, while commercial use requires a license. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share developments so you can follow along as I build this product in public.

You’d do me a huge favor if you shared the landing page with others looking for icons. If you have any tips, ideas, or requests for icons, hit me with them! I’m still shaping this entire project and would love to hear what people think about it.

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