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Latest issues

#89May 19, 2021

Turning simple shapes into complex shapes

SVGs are math that looks unnecessarily complicated. Let me walk you through how to build a complex icon from a few circles and lines.

#88May 12, 2021

Getting sprint retrospectives right is hard work

Sprint retrospectives are a waste of time only if we use them as Weekly Complaining Corner. We can me them more fun AND meaningful at the same time.

#87May 5, 2021

Practical APIs for your next tech exploration

When you’re trying a new technology, you can use one of these APIs for the basis of your experiments. They let you build something fun at the same time.

#86April 28, 2021

Which is it, cookies or no cookies?

We still need to show a cookie notice for YouTube’s nocookie embed script, because it sets a cookie as soon as a visitor starts playing a video.

#85April 21, 2021

Your notes could be products

You definitely have at least a few products in you. The collection of tips and tricks you keep for yourself could be valuable to others as well.

#84April 14, 2021

When the law makes you pivot

Shortly before finishing it, I had to change direction on my last side project. Had I proceeded with the original idea, I would have entered a legal gray area.

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