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A close view of the moon.
#66December 9, 2020

The easiest way to build a Dark Mode

Media queries are essential for doing Responsive Design. They can test for many features beyond browser width. We can use one of them to build a dark mode.

A person holding up a cookie shaped like the poop emoji.
#61November 4, 2020

How the poop emoji broke my website

A few emoji included in a font are responsible for Firefox not showing syntax highlighting in my code snippets.

A computer screen saying “DO MORE”.
#47July 29, 2020

Three tools to up your productivity

Consolidate many tools into few tools and automate what you can. These three help me stay productive.

Dollar bills positioned to look like a brain.
#30April 1, 2020

How to understand any codebase

Treat existing codebases as a blackbox. Take small pieces and write tests for them to understand a project’s inner workings step by step.

An open book with a bookmark in it.
#20January 22, 2020

Bookmarking the greats

By looking at what others have done before us, we can find combinations of their ideas that work for us.

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