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Latest issues

Several stacks of bound notebooks.
#85April 21, 2021

Your notes could be products

You definitely have at least a few products in you. The collection of tips and tricks you keep for yourself could be valuable to others as well.

A car turning around in the snow.
#84April 14, 2021

When the law makes you pivot

Shortly before finishing it, I had to change direction on my last side project. Had I proceeded with the original idea, I would have entered a legal gray area.

A bunch of numbers on a board.
#83April 7, 2021

Just enough analytics

When we need to gather statistics or other logs from our projects, we don’t always need to use full, privacy-invading analytics solutions.

A yellow cable car crossing between two mountains.
#82March 31, 2021

Keep your links and SEO when moving domains

When changing from one domain name to another, we can use redirects to keep all existing links in place and avoid a dip in search engine rankings.

A button on a lamp post that says “Push to reset the world”.
#81March 24, 2021

How to flush Open Graph previews on social networks

Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn cache the preview image that appear when sharing links. We can clear that cache to have them pick up new versions faster.

A model of a space shuttle.
#80March 17, 2021

When you know too much to be helpful

Once you speak the language experts in your field use every day, it becomes harder to remember what it was like to not know what you know now.

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