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Drawing sweet icons for you

Dom Habersack
Dom HabersackSeptember 11, 2019
Three donuts, with a bite taken out of one of them.
The icons will be as sweet as these look.

Hey lovelies!

I am assembling some of my icons into an icon pack that I will make available for free soon. I shared a first impression on dribbble last week. Here is another sneak peek:

A set of icons, including a helmet, microphone, smartphone, and calendar.
Some of the icons that will be part of the set

The set will definitely be incomplete when I release it. I would much rather release it in an unfinished state than not at all. Done is better than perfect, right? More icons can always join the set later. If there is anything you think I need to include, reply to this message to tell me.

– Dom

PS: I don’t reach a lot of people with these at the moment. You would really help me out by sharing my posts and projects with friends and coworkers. Thank you!

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Introducing Lovelicons

I am working on a set of 200+ icons that will be free for personal use. The paid version will include benefits that I have not defined yet.

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The constraints behind consistent icons

As I am drawing many more icons for my upcoming set, I follow a few constraints to ensure they all look like they belong together.

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