Is this a hill you want to die on?

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I once worked with a developer that refused to work on a feature as long as any detail was unclear. He would not work on an image slider if the duration of the transition between images was not specified.

There are disagreements in all teams about what we build and how we build it. Given several options, we need to understand each of their effects. Does a difference in millisecond influence the required development effort? Does it impact the experience of our customers? If so, let’s talk about the pros and cons of all options so everybody understands them. Only then can we make an informed decision together.

Our reaction needs to be proportional to the severity of the situation. We need to pick our battles by asking ourselves if there is enough of a difference for us or our users if we choose wrong. Don’t start fights that distract from what is important, don’t stay quiet when you see something going wrong.

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