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The thing I enjoy most about this newsletter is that it puts me on a regular schedule. Every week for the last 62 weeks, I had to sit down to write another issue. Whether I was sick, stressed at work, or on vacation: the newsletter always went out on time. Week after week, I had to find a new topic and write something useful about it. As a writing exercise, it has been a great motivator.

Measured by its numbers, this newsletter isn’t doing so well for me.

I have not really done any marketing for this at all. When you don’t know how to market a thing, your numbers remain static for a very long time. More than a year into it, it is not surprising my subscriber count is still in the low double-digits.

Instead of stopping the newsletter in defeat, this is now my new challenge. I am looking into where and how I can promote what I already wrote to grow my list. LinkedIn seems like a reasonable platform to share this kind of content on. Maybe I can even repurpose some issues and post them to Instagram. I tried not doing anything for a while, which didn’t work. I’ll try doing “something” now, which already has much better chances of working.

This is where I need your help. I am not asking you to promote this for me. Instead, I’d love to know how others do it. Who out there promotes their writing well? If you can drop a name or two of people I can learn from you’d help me out a great deal.

Following others as they “build in public” is fascinating. Seeing how the sausage is made shows you that anyone could make sausage. To get serious about this, I’ll try doing the same: I’ll share my progress as attempts succeed or fail.

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