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Both sports and drinking are more fun when we do them with others. Working on a project is easier when I surround myself with others doing similar things. There are many places on the internet where people with similar interests meet, if you know where to look. The giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t “about” anything specific. It is difficult to find people that share your interests on them. A community that is for everybody ends up being for nobody.

Niche communities are filling that role in many areas. They are usually much smaller and centered around a specific topic. Whether you are into movies, beer, or DIY, there is a group of likeminded people out there for every topic.

Take IndieHackers for example. It’s a community of people working on their own online businesses. Because every member is in the same boat, everybody supports each other. Everybody shares what they are doing with the community so we can all learn from each other. It’s such a positive place that gives me a lot of energy.

You can find inspiration and share your own designs on dribbble. Try Goodreads if you are into books. If you dare to venture into the real world, there is a group organizing events for something you love on Meetup.

We don’t have to feel alone in what we’re doing, because we are not. Others are pursuing the same hobbies or facing the same challenges. We’re all in this together, so let’s join forces. Explore communities beyond the usual suspects and let me know if you find anything cool!

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