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Last year, I started using ConvertKit for my newsletters and email courses. Email is still the best medium to share what you are working on. Posts on social media might show up in your audience’s feed, or algorithms could hide them from others. Through newsletters, we can follow what each other are up to and find inspiration for our own work.

Building an email list is a fantastic way to show and improve our skills. It is by no means for large online shops only. Look at folks like Brian Rhea, Ben Orenstein, Derrick Reimer, Brian Casel, or Justin Jackson. They are all sending newsletters to reach their hundreds or thousands of fans. If you are thinking "sure, easy for them, they are famous": they all started at zero subscribers once.

At the end of December, ConvertKit made it easier than ever to get started by introducing a free tier. You can now sign up for free, with access to most functionality. Send me a message with your email address and I will send you a referral to get started. With this referral, you will be able to build an audience of up to 100 subscribers for free. You can increase that limit to 1000 subscribers by inviting others to the service. By the time you hit that cap, paying for an account will be a no-brainer.

I’d be happy to help you get started building your own audience. I will be your first subscriber if you tell me where I can sign up for your list!

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