Three tools to up your productivity

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This week, I want to highlight three tools that help me get my life organized and my work done. This is not an ad, and none of the links in this post are affiliate links. I genuinely get a lot of value from these tools and think you’ll enjoy them as well.


Airtable intuitively combines spreadsheets with databases. It’s good for data-heavy scenarios, allowing you to model relationships between entries. You can build your own CRM, a catalog for your Pokémon cards, or a tracking system for your expenses.

We planned our entire wedding with Airtable. We listed our guests and collected their addresses. We built the seating groups from that and tracked our guests’ dinner preferences. We could keep track of who stayed in which hotel, and who would join for breakfast the next day. It made the entire process a lot easier for us.

Start with the web version, which is more fully featured than the mobile apps.


Notion is a note taking app on steroids. It also has todo-lists, kanban boards, and flexible ways to organize all that. It gives structure to your projects without limiting you to checkboxes or JIRA. You can combine research, open tasks, and track progress all in the same place.

While Airtable organizes structured data, Notion excels at organizing less structured knowledge. With a team plan, you could even use it as your team’s wiki.


Zapier is the glue that connects all the systems you use together. What happens in one tool can trigger something in another tool thanks to Zapier. You could have it save your new Instagram posts to Airtable, or automatically copy email attachments to Dropbox. If there is a repetitive task you need to do a lot, Zapier can probably help you automate it.

It integrates with a large number of services, enabling a bunch of automations. They have a big library of examples, which makes it easier to get started than a blank canvas would.

That’s it! If you’re looking for new ways to level up your workflow, give these three a try and tell me what you think.

What is missing on my list? I am always looking for more ways to simplify my work and would love some other suggestions.

See you next week!

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